Thurs 11th ​August 2022

GEOFF CARNE & the RAW ROX Band        GEOFF CARNE Solo Acoustica

​        GEOFF CARNE & the HATZ

Live acoustically & in chat with Peter Rubin on Ridge Radio, Caterham, Surrey. 1-3 pm.

​Sat 2nd Oct 2021

​R'n'R Magazine P.7/20 & 87

+ Unherd CD (Song 18)

'BIG TOWN' Album out now (Re-released 05-02-21)

Hanwell Hootie Festival, London W7.

The Viaduct @ 8.30 pm (Solo Acoustic)

About Geoff

​Sat 29th June 2019

The Long Barn,Slough,Berks ~ Solo Acoustic Stage: 4pm

​Sat 10th Sept 2022

​Sat 24th Aug  2019

​Power Play Magazine P.61

Codsall Beer Festival,Wolverhampton.Stage 4pm

The Acoustic Couch,Bracknell,Berks. Stage: 9.30pm

The Long Barn,Slough,Berks.  Stage: 9pm

Horn at the Half Moon, Bishops Stortford. 8.30 pm

The 'Bishops Stortford Acoustic Club'.

​Sat 6th July 2019

​Fri 22nd March 2019

The Quiet Inn,Hertford (Part of the Hertford Music Festival) ~ Solo Acoustic Stage 9pm

Sat 14th Aug 2021

​Sun 12th Jan,2020

Stage: 7.15 - 8 pm

Codsall, Wolverhampton.

​Fri 25th Oct 2019

​Wed 24th Nov 2021

The Bell,Walthamstow,London.E17. 8.30pm

The "Get Off Your Sofa" Tour 2019

Sat 30th March 2019 

'Rock At the Castle Fest' Moat Garden Stage,

Hertford Castle @ 1 pm (Solo Acoustic)

Boundary Park,Didcot. Stage: 1.30-2.30pm

​GEOF F CARNE Solo Acoustica 'Shakedown' Tour 2021

Greyfest,Sawtry,Nr.Peterboro ~ Solo Acoustic Stage 4pm

Bank Holiday Mon 22nd April 2019

Hertford Castle ~ Solo Acoustic Stage: 3pm

Releasing Friday the 17th of June, 2022

The Carlisle,Hastings.Stage: 5pm

Sat 18th May 2019

Castle Bytham,Grantham.Stage: 4pm

Horn at the Half Moon, Bishops Stortford 8pm.

Sun 23rd June 2019

Queen St Brewhouse,Colchester,Essex.

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Sun 7th Aug 2022

​Sun 16th June 2019

Samuel Peps,Huntingdon,Cambs. Solo Acoustic 7.30pm

The Ranelagh,Brighton Stage: 9pm

​Sun 25th Aug 2019

Wed 28th July 2021

Sat 22nd June 2019

Fireworks P.80

Radio Verulam (St.Albans) 92.6 FM Live acoustic & in chat with D.Parsons 7-9 pm

Hatfield Town Centre 2-4 pm

​Fri 23rd Oct 2020

Solo Acoustic @BarnFest  Sat Nov 16th.Long Barn,Slough,Berks. 

Fireworks Free CD

        (Song 10)

​Mon 24th Feb 2020

      'Rock the Blues' out on July 29th, 2022 is a   single from the forthcoming 'Rock the Blues' E.P.       (E.P. Release Date: 9th of September 2022)

'Summer Live' Ealing Broadway, Town Square @ 4 pm (Solo Acoustic)

​Sat 16th Nov 2019

​Sat 5th Oct 2019

The Old Star,Uttoxeter Stage 9pm

Cafe Luna, Baldock (Balstock Festival), Herts @ 4 pm (Solo Acoustic)

Ocean City Blues & Jazz Festival, Barbican, Plymouth


​Sat 7th May 2022

Geoff's early influences from his teens came from the Endland's North-East in the form of Paul Rodgers Free/Bad Company and the early David Coverdale's Whitesnake.

Following a number of years as a songwriter/performer across various music genre's Geoff returned to his British Rock roots (with a Blues influence) in 2014 with the release of his solo 'One to One' Album. Further to the debut album, he teamed up with drummer Mick Hatz to work live and produce their collaborated album 'Get Close' released in 2016. Single releases followed included their 'Live at Superfly' sessions with likes of 'Choon', 'Medicine Man', and the Kate Bush classic 'Babooshka' as part of a 'Youtube' special 2017.

The '4 Play' E.P. became the promo run for 2018 while they started to embrace the beer festival scene and moved into late 2018 for their festive single 'Christmas Time'.

For those that remember the Robbie & Kylie classic 'Kids' from the early 2000 period in the summer of 2019, Geoff & Mick took on their own interpretation with 4 well-received mixes and a 'Live at Superfy' seasonal revisit. January 2020 saw the release of the classy 'Caught On The Outside' single which turned out to be drummer Mick Hatz's last piece of work prior to hanging up his sticks.

The popularity of Geoff's acoustic shows has now produced the 3  'Acoustica E.P.s' Feb/March & April 2020 and he has reworked the songs with North London's 'Raw Rox Band' on the 'Big Town' Album, 2021's 'Shakedown' Album and for 2022 the 'Love Gun' & 'Rock the Blues' E.P.s. 

GEOFF CARNE Solo Acoustica 'Big Town' Tour 2020

Pershore Plum Festival ~ Solo Acoustic Stage 3.45pm

​Fri 9th Aug 2019

Mon 26th Aug 2019

Sat 7th Aug 2021