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Get Close --GC & the Hatz

Watford Colosseum (Semi-Acoustic warm up for Dr.Hook) Live: 6.40-7.20pm 

4 Play E.P. (£6 incl P & P)

Sat 30th March 2019 

Dublin Castle,Camden.NW1. Stage 9pm

The Bath Brew House,Bath,Somerset.

The Bell,Walthamstow,London.E17. 8.30pm

ASTONBURY (Aston Tirrold,Didcot OX11) 

Sat 29th Dec 2018

Gigfest,Oswestry,Shropshire.Stage: 10.30-11.30pm

Essex Sausage & Cider Festival,Billericay Stage: 8.30-9.30 pm (Stage 2).

'4 Play E.P.' T-Shirts £20 incl P&P

Sun 23rd June 2019

​Sun 20th May 18

The Ranelagh,Brighton Stage: 9pm

About Geoff

Castle Bytham,Grantham.Stage: 4pm

Red Lion,Stevenage (Blues at the Red Evening)

Tues 25th July 17

The Carlisle,Hastings.Stage: 5pm

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​Sat 29th June 2019

Greyfest,Sawtry,Nr.Peterboro ~ Solo Acoustic Stage 4pm

Codsall Beer Festival,Wolverhampton.Stage 4pm

Fri 13th July 18

Queen St Brewhouse,Colchester,Essex.

Fri 19th May 17

Sun 6th Aug 17

.​Sun 6th Oct 2019

St.James Wine Vaults 7.45 pm On Stage.(Part of the Bath Festival 2017,Somerset).

The Acoustic Couch,Bracknell,Berks. Stage: 9.30pm

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Sue Marchant's 'Big night in' on BBC Cambs,Essex,Suffolk & Norfolk. 7.30pm

Solo Acoustic live & interview.

Tues 11th Dec 18

​Funny Boys Skull Keyring £4 incl P&P

King Billy Rock Bar,Northampton.

Sun 14th May 17

Sat 14th July 18

Sat 27th May 17.

The Long Barn,Slough,Berks ~ Solo Acoustic Stage: 4pm

 Dublin Castle,Camden.NW1. Stage: 9pm.

'4 Play' Tour 2018:

Thurs 12th Oct 17

​Sun 16th June 2019

The "Get Off Your Sofa" Tour 2019

​Sat 24th Aug  2019

27th  March 18

Sun 18th June 17

The Old Star,Uttoxeter Stage 9pm

​Sat 6th July 2019

Boundary Park,Didcot. Stage: 1.30-2.30pm

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'GEOFF CARNE & the HATZ'/'GEOFF CARNE Solo Acoustic' 

Sat 22nd June 2019

Boundary Park,Didcot,Oxfordshire.7.20-7.55pm

​Fri 22nd March 2019

The Ranelagh,Brighton. Stage 9-11pm

Sat 16th Sept 17

Kettering Beer & Music Festival: Stage 4.45pm

Mon 26th Aug 2019

Sun 17th June 18

Fri 27th July 18


​Sat 5th Oct 2019

Bank Holiday Mon 22nd April 2019

Solo Acoustic @BarnFest (in aid of the 'Teenage Cancer Trust' All-Dayer) Stage: 8.20pm Sat Nov 16th.Long Barn,Slough,Berks. 

The Dublin Castle,Camden Town.London NW1


​Sat 16th Nov,2019

Pershore Plum Festival ~ Solo Acoustic Stage 3.45pm

MappFest,Malvern,Worcester 2.15-3pm

The Quiet Inn,Hertford (Part of the Hertford Music Festival) ~ Solo Acoustic Stage 9pm

Black Market Venue,Warsop,Notts.(Support for Jimi Hendrix Tribute £5 Entry)

​Fri 9th Aug 2019

​Fri 25th Oct 2019

Sat 25th Aug 18

​Sun 25th Aug 2019

Hertford Castle ~ Solo Acoustic Stage: 3pm

​Long Sleeve Shirt £25 incl P&P.

​Sun 25th Nov 18

Geoff was inspired by the likes of Paul Rodgers (Free/BadCo),Rod Stewart & the Faces and David Coverdale's Whitesnake in his early days and has now found time to return to his British Rock/Blues influenced roots.This can be found in his solo releases-'For You','Back On the Road Again' 'Crazy Blues','Carry Our Soul','One to One' and 'Its the not knowing' that are available on all good digital sites & streaming services such as itunes,Amazon & Spotify etc as singles or part of the "One to One" Album released in 2014.

New releases under the GC & the Hatz guise (With drummer Mick Hatz) "Lost in You" came out on April 1st 2015,with 'Who's Foolin' Who?' released on the 16th of June & the title track of the forthcoming album 'Get Close' released September 2015 .One more single 'Another Piece of Me'  came out Feb 14th 2016.The CD album released which was produced towards the band's two piece live sound and set-up was released on April 19th,2016.

New material 'Choon','Medicine Man' and a Kate Bush song 'Babooshka' all recorded live at Superfly Studios have been released this year.A studio single 'Forgiven' was released on the 23rd of June 2017.

New material was released on February 28th 2018 in the form of the '4' Play E.P. featuring 'Down and Out','Maybe Someday','Medicine Man' (Version 2) and the remixed piano version of 'Forgiven'.

A seasonal song for December 2018 called 'Christmas Time' was released on the 3rd in a four version package.

A new album 'Big Town' is now in the writing stage for the summer 2020 while a 'Live at Superfly' session will see the release of the single 'Caught on the outside' in November 2019 with 2 studio versions in January 2020.

Distribution Label: Advision UK.

The Long Barn,Slough,Berks.  Stage: 9pm

Sat 18th May 2019